ASLAN Good Overdrive

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The first of ASLAN OD series, the Good circuit is a medium gain, heavily saturated overdrive. The ASLAN gets its signature sound from a string of JFET transistors pushing each other into tube-like

saturation and amplified by a Bipolar transistor for high output. This is a very consistent, dirty drive. It doesn't clean up much, but is somewhat touch-sensitive. When you want a nice smooth saturated

tone with some sustain, The ASLAN Good Overdrive is a solid choice.


The ASLAN is housed in a 2 piece custom made aluminum enclosure whose color comes from anodization. The aluminum is laser cut for us and anodized in Minneapolis, MN and we fold them in-house.

Hardware features include solid aluminum knobs and all-metal Neutrik jacks. Every Wrought Iron pedal boasts a Japanese made DeMont“Smooth Click” latching footswitch for the quietest mechanical

true-bypass on the market.


All of our PCB's are rugged USA made boards and all our circuits are hand-built with through-hole components for easy repair/modding. We use the high quality film capacitors wherever possible in the

audio path and source all of  our components from reliable USA based distributors.


Controls operate as follows.

controls the overall output of the circuit. As you move past 12 o’clock on the Level dial, the pedal really starts to open up and take on its true character. It is recommended that you run the Level

control at or past 2 o’clock for the best sounds. All 4 controls are very interactive with each other, so experimenting to find your desired tones and get to know the pedal is a good strategy.


Gain: controls the JFET preamp section. Rolling off the gain will reduce overall volume and reduce saturation. The Gain control is VERY interactive with the Bite control and will have more or less

effect depending on how high the bite control is turned up. As you turn up the Bite, the gain acts like a “fine tuner” adding just a bit more saturation or knocking off just a bit. Reducing gain also rolls off

some of the high frequencies.


Bite: controls the gain of the Bipolar section. Turning up the Bite will add some treble and some saturation to the sound as well as overall volume. The last 10% of the rotation will give a HUGE volume


Tone: controls the treble response of the circuit. This control is interactive with the others. If you run the pedal with the Gain and/or Bite turned down some, you’ll probably want the Tone control turned up.

As you increase the Bite and Gain to their full levels, more treble is allowed into the circuit and you may want to roll the Tone control back. Turning the Tone up will also add some additional saturation to

the signal.

As with all Wrought Iron products, this one carries the Wrought Iron satisfaction guarantee: If anything goes wrong, just send it back and we’ll make it right.

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