Big Muff Voigt-Kampff mods

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The Voigt- Kampff mods are done to old used Big Muff Pi pedals and they comprise 2 basic tone shaping stages:
1. A James/Baxandall tone stack replaces stock tone control. The modified mode has Bass and Treble controls. This gives a lot of added eq control, brings back some mids, and gives a tighter sound overall.

2. A Jfet boost stage is added after the new tonestack and before the final BMP gain stage. This gives extra volume on tap and more clarity when using the modified mode. A Gain knob controls the output of this stage

But the other part of this mod set is the meter. We use vintage Weston, Simpson, Westinghouse, Triplett, etc. meters and our custom designed circuit let's your guitar playing dynamics drive the meter and the intensity of an bicolor LED, which changes with playing dynamics as well.  All without altering your guitar tone.

A DeMont premium smooth-click footswitch replaces the original switch.

All mods are accessed through a Taiway brand toggle switch (LED changes from Yellow- stock, to Blue when mods are engaged).
If so desired, we can add a Taiway compact footswitch in place of the toggle ($15 charge). This gives you a 2nd "channel" at the stomp of a switch

Video sample available on wrought iron Instagram and Facebook.

Built to order. Turn around is about 8 weeks currently.