Custom Shop: Acid Etched Kaiburr Fuzz

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Custom Shop Weathered Acid Etch #001 Kaiburr Fuzz

   Made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks turn around time.
This version of the Kaiburr fuzz can be made with a 'weathered" appearance as in the photos, or a cleaner acid etch. LED's can be Purple or Red (other color options may be available but with a slightly longer turn around time and additional $12 charge).
  The enclosure plates are custom laser cut in Minneapolis, Mn then bent in house to form these unique enclosures. A "mask" is made for each custom shop piece, then the plate is dipped in mixture of acid and hydrogen peroxide for varying amounts of time to etch the graphics into the aluminum. The plates are then powdercoated and straight edged so that powder only remains in the etched regions. Plates are then baked to cure the powder, then bent to shape. 

  This version features a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Kaiburr Fuzz is a fuzz designed with the Rhythm guitarist in mind. The controls for  Fuzz and Gain give you a wide range of controls over the shape of the distortion the circuit produces.  It can go from a low to mid gain overdrive (with the fuzz dialed back) to a full on vintage style wooly sound.
  The circuit, though not overly complicated, is an original design that employs Darlington and JFET transistors. There are no clipping diodes-- all the distortion is from the transistors slamming into each other and the power rails. The Darlington input makes the fuzz pretty responsive to guitar volume controls (though not as sensitive as a germanium circuit) but it can also be placed later in your signal chain without changing the character of the sound too drastically.
  The Glitch control features a 3 way toggle switch for High/Off/Low settings on a unique "Spike Tooth" tremolo feature, while the knob controls the rate of the effect. When the Glitch control is switched on, the LED near the hilt of the sword blinks faintly in synchronicity with the rate of the effect.

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