The Traveler: Lightweight, Supple Oil-tanned Leather Guitar Strap

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This Rust colored leather strap (brown with a little bit of reddish tint) is a popular one. It is 2" in width and is made of a thin oil tanned leather that's extra tough, yet supple. It features a nice combination of comfort, durability, and packability- easily fitting into a hardshell case without even taking it off the guitar.
The easy adjustment lets you lengthen or shorten the strap by simply giving some slack and pulling it through the double copper rings (no taking the strap apart to adjust it like some perma-lock designs). Completely secure, the strap will not move on its own once it's adjusted.
This strap's brand patch also serves as a handy pick holder whose location close to the guitar body makes it easy to switch between finger picking and strumming.
This strap can be monogrammed with 3/4 inch stamped/embossed letters in the fashion shown in the final photo for $8. Be sure to purchase the size w/ monogram if you wish to have it monogrammed. LIMIT OF 3 LETTERS/ NUMBERS for this type of strap b/c it must be done on the pickholder patch.ion for this product here...