Fuzzbuster Fuzz with Octave switch

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Fuzzbuster: this fuzz circuit is built inside a 70's vintage Fuzzbuster radar detector. It's hand-wired on turretboard with high quality components and features a DeMont smooth-click footswitch. The labeling is done with acid-etched aluminum plates. The indicator is Blue when dry mode is engaged and switches to Red for Octaves mode.

Circuit and Sound: The Dry fuzz sound is warm and wooly with a bit of a hard edge. It cleans up extremely well and gets sparkly and bright as you roll back the guitar's volume.
The Octaves toggle introduces a distinct sound. The tone becomes nasty and nasaled with an octave-up present at all points on the fretboard in any pickup position. There are also fading hints of an octave down, but it is subtle. As the volume fades so too does the octave effect and the last quite note is back to the fundamental frequency.

DeMont Smooth-click footswitch
Hand-wired on turret board
Neutrik steel open frame jacks
Vintage repurposed radar detector enclosure