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(SOLD OUT- batch 2 coming soon) Kaiburr Fuzz/ Tremolo *Pre-Order* FINAL RUN, batch 1

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I will begin the building these pedals on May 08, and am estimating to have them done in about 2 weeks.  As a one-man shop, I do sometimes get behind schedule, but I will do my best to get them to you as soon as I can.

This run features textured black powdercoat, Nietzsche quote, solid aluminum knobs and red LED's, high quality stomp switch, Taiway toggle, Switchcraft open frame jacks, and genuine Alpha potentiometers.

What's different?  I am ploshing the aluminum before powdercoating this time. It should lead to graphics that are a little shinier and pop a little better.
Knobs may be different for this run. I have a couple different options that I'm trying out (none like the original round shape though). If you REALLY want the exact knobs from the pictures, please add that not to your order.

What's the same?

The circuit remains the same: a gnarly fuzz that can be a great LIGHT overdrive or a nasty DARK fuzz. The tremolo is great for people who struggle to use tremolo, because it doesn't dip the volume much, it only gives it a spike. This is a perfect fuzz for people who want to play a fuzz with open chords.

The Kaiburr Fuzz is a fuzz designed with the Rhythm guitarist in mind. The controls for  Fuzz and Gain give you a wide range of controls over the shape of the distortion the circuit produces.  It can go from a low to mid gain overdrive (with the fuzz dialed back) to a full on vintage style wooly sound.
  The circuit, though not overly complicated, is an original design that employs Darlington and JFET transistors. There are not clipping diodes-- all the distortion is from the transistors slamming into each other and the power rails. The Darlington input makes the fuzz pretty responsive to guitar volume controls (though not as sensitive as a germanium circuit) but it can also be placed later in your signal chain without changing the character of the sound too drastically.
  The Glitch control features a 3 way toggle switch for High/Off/Low settings on a unique "Spike Tooth" tremolo feature, while the knob controls the rate of the effect. When the Glitch control is switched on, the LED near the hilt of the sword blinks faintly in synchronicity with the rate of the effect.

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  • 5
    Cuts like a lightsaber!

    Posted by Alexander on Sep 12th 2018

    Great fuzz that offers a really interesting texture to your sound thanks to the glitch/tremolo function! Highly recommend it!

  • 5
    Kaiburr Power!!!!!

    Posted by Eric Cooper on Aug 28th 2018

    I am having so much fun in discovering and working this pedal!!!!! The "Backstory": I mainly play a '93 Strat Plus (lace sensor pickups) or a G&L ASAT Classic Tele through a Peavey (4x10) Classic 50 tube combo amp. "FUZZ and MORE!" : I owned an original Rat pedal for years and never could dial it in to where I felt satisfied with it, always a bit too muddy/dull. This pedal allows a true tonal imprint of your instrument to come through. In the exploring fuzz/gain/volume combinations, I found everything from a vintage amp slight break up sound all the way to a well shaped, powerful, volume knob reactive, "I will have hearing issues when I'm 80" super fuzz! The bass low end booms in a good fuzzy way, and the top end has clarity and a crispness to it. Mid range is perfect and will cut through the mix. "Turn off your compressor": I kept forgetting to, still got a good sound and with a little adjusting you can get a smoothed out fuzz/distortion tone (compression is after fuzz and tuner on my board)...but this does not compare to opening the sonic gate and letting this pedal run wild! "Glitch": I enjoy the choices in the toggle, overall this feature is unique and fun to use..again compressor off (and any delays this time). And what can I say, this is the coolest looking pedal I own, the design is a work of art, super sturdy construction, and seriously a great overall Fuzz pedal that should be welcome on any board!

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