Long Wave Analog Spring Reverb

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This is a real Spring Reverb unit featuring a Mod® 9" spring tank and a solid state drive circuit.  Designed to fill out your sound for amps with no on-board reverb or to add some Drip to your tone, this unit runs on a pedal power friendly 9-12volts and draws less than 150 ma of current. You can power it from any standard pedal power supply. Sit it along side your pedal board, add a patch cable and a cable from your power supply and you're in business! This unit is built inside a vintage Philco radio shell and uses the original bakelite acorn knobs.

Mix: ratio of wet to dry signal

Depth: strength of the wet signal

Vol: overall output level

Tone: brightness of the output

Drip toggle: allows even more of the wet signal through for more extreme settings


  • internal charge pump gives doubled head room
  • solid state driver circuit with Class AB amplification to eliminate crossover distortion and eliminate unnecessary power consumption
  • Mod® 9" 3 spring reverb tank (medium decay)
  • Vintage Philco radio body
  • full Faraday cage lining via aluminum plate and metallic tape to shield against external interference/emi
  • Runs on 9 or 12 volts and draws less than 150 ma
  • High quality Carling true bypass toggle switch
  • illuminated dial face power indicator