Orcrist Overdrive V2 (Black Aluminum Edition)

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                                  Orcrist V2 will ship in approx 5 business days
The V2 uses a circuit with the same audio path, but I have eliminated the charge pump to allow you to run the pedal from an 18 volt power supply, if you choose. The Biter/Goblin Cleaver switch now selects between the standard circuit (Goblin Cleaver) and a slightly modified version with a little more high end and output available (Biter).

The Orcrist is an original design overdrive that goes from nearly clean boost to medium crunch. Named after the sword from The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, this pedal can be your secret weapon for great tone. When the pedal is engaged, the blade of the sword glows blue with its name in Gondolinin runes.

  The idea behind the design was to zero in on the sound that a lot of players are after-- that just starting to break-up crunch of a 15-30 watt tube amp, turned up.  A lot of players use a TS or BB style drive with the gain turned way down to accomplish this sound. To my ear that really makes the drive sound dull. Those pedals have a HUGE range of gain, the Orcrist does not. It doesn't do super-stustainy higher gain sounds like a cranked TS, it takes the low-medium gain sound and expands it over the entire range of the gain controls in order to let the user dial in his/her exact desired sound in that range.
  The Orcrist uses 5 distinct gain stages to do this and gives you control over early gain with the Gain control and late stage gain with the Bite control. The two controls are very interactive with each other. Turn up the Gain for more  saturation -or- turn down the gain and turn up the Bite for more of a cleaner boost with a little crunch. Turn up both for nice crunchy overdrive.
The Tone control is a basic treble cut. The input and outputs of each stage of the circuit have been voiced to give the fullest frequency range response, including low harmonics. This voicing makes the Orcrist really rhythm guitar friendly. It doesn't get muddy or fizzy when you strum open chords b/c the high mids and highs aren't accentuated as much as in some Overdrive circuits. The Orcrist is voiced for more of a beefy, low mid tone.
  If you want a little more treble and a little more headroom and output, switch the toggle from Goblin Cleaver mode to Biter mode. This switch rearranges the clipping diodes and filtering a little to retain the character of the circuit, while giving it a little more top end bite.

   Each pedal is housed in a laser-cut aluminum with laser-marked graphics. Each also features a top quality, Japanese built DeMont "soft click" latching footswitch for true bypass integrity with the softest "click" of any latching stomp I have ever tried. Components are all sourced from USA suppliers whenever possible. PCB's are high quality USA made boards.  Knobs may vary slightly from those in the photos depending on available supply.
    As with all Wrought Iron products, this one features the Wrought Iron satisfaction guarantee.


“ORCRIST”, “THE HOBBIT”, and “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” and the items, characters, places, and events therein, are trademarks of  Middle-earth Enterprises under license to Wrought Iron Effects.  All rights reserved.


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