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(SOLD OUT CURRENTLY) Sting Jfet Overdrive -acid etched

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SOLD OUT! Email us for Custom requests

Pre-Order: I have aluminum plates on the way and will be making a batch of acid-etched sting pedals to be finished in roughly 10 business days.  You can pre-order now to make sure to get one.


The Artwork Series  features original artwork by local artists. The work for Sting was done by Minnesota artist James Martin.

Sting is a small, simple twin Jfet circuit, but it packs a major punch. Good things come in small packages and whatnot. Named after the Elvin dagger/sword from The Hobbit  and The Lord of the Rings books, this pedal may become your own secret weapon for it's distinct 3 dimensional overdrive sound. The edge of the sword gives off a blue glow when the pedal is activated.

Voicing is warm and crunchy. This is not your typical overdrive pedal. It uses no clipping diodes, so what you get is all smooth crunch from the Jfet transistors. (Some people love this one on Bass as well)

As you turn up the Gain control, it allows more low frequencies into the circuit, fattening up the sound significantly.

Tone control is your typical treble cut, but dialed in to a range that makes it very usable throughout the travel of the knob, without allowing it to get piercingly bright.

These pedals are made using high quality components:

  • Aluminum plate laser cut in Minneapolis, MN and folded into enclosures in the Wrought Iron shop.
  • All of these enclosures were acid etched, folded, and finished in the Wrought Iron Shop in Amery, WI.
  • This run will likely feature a Taiway premium footswitch , unless I am able to score a batch of DeMonts.
  • PCBs made in USA
  • All circuitry is populated and soldered by hand using repairable, through hole construction. (hint: you can mod it too, if you so choose...) 

This batch features a lightly weathered and textured black powdercoat.  The raised graphics are put through 5 hand sanding stages, then polished and given a coat of ceramic wax to protect the shine before final buffing. The appearance is very hard to capture in photos.

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    Posted by DAVID MASON on Mar 4th 2024

    I was in the studio recording some guitar tracks and my sound guy had this Sting pedal he wanted me to try. I swapped out my Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer and plugged in the Sting and was instantly in love with the low gain overdrive that complimented my sound better than other overdrive pedals I had tried. We went ahead and recorded our tracks with the Sting pedal and then I bought one the follow week! Love this pedal and the glowing blue sword is pretty neat to!

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